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At Community Health Network (CHN) we are redefining the health management industry. Traditional wellness and disease management programs have been around for years, but have not been effective in improving the health status of participants. In addition, most health management programs have failed to make a positive impact on healthcare claims cost.

We know a full continuum of care should incorporate early medical intervention and treatment to produce the most cost effective model. Our face-to-face, one-on-one coaching program enables the participant to make behavioral and lifestyle changes needed to embrace a healthier way of life. At CHN, we know that healthier employees file fewer health claims. Our health management programs produce results unmatched in the industry. Not only do we have a high participation level, but our coaching reduces health risk and those changes are documented in the first 12-week coaching session.

CHN Health Management Programs benefit companies or organizations of any size. Whether your goals are a healthier, happier, more productive work force, or reduced health plan costs, CHN Health Management is your best choice.

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