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Welcome to CHN Health Management

CHN Health Management is a robust combination of evaluating health, early detection of disease, assessing risk for future illness and reducing risk by enabling behavior change.

While other health management companies identify the risks, they often leave the lifestyle changes that are needed to the individuals to do something about it on their own. Unfortunately, web sites, online coaching, and telephonic coaching are just not enough to enable most people to make difficult changes, which is the reason most "wellness" programs fail to produce long-term changes and reduce healthcare plan costs.

At CHN, we know that tough changes are necessary to make important health improvements. We developed a unique process to motivate people at "high risk" for health problems with our one-on-one, face-to-face coaching, every week, at the worksite. This process provides the tools, information, goal-setting, and accountability necessary for individuals to make the necessary lifestyle changes to improve health behaviors and become healthier.

Managing Costs by Managing Risk

Health care costs are on the rise in the United States and each year companies are paying more to keep their employees insured. Fortunately, there is a clear path to managing health care costs. Since health plan costs are directly related to the cost of claims filed against the plan, by reducing these claims costs, health plan costs can be leveled out. CHN Health Management is a science-based program that is proven to help companies reduce health care costs by helping employees reduce health care costs by helping employees live a healthier lifestyle while saving the company money on health insurance costs.

Chronic illness constitutes approximately 75% of the costs of a typical health care plan claims, and the great majority of those diseases share the same risk factors:

  • obesity
  • excessive stress
  • high cholesterol
  • tobacco use
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • elevated blood sugar
  • increased blood pressure
  • unhealthy diet

Many of today's chronic illnesses are caused by lifestyle. Bad health habits over long periods of time cause the vast majority of chronic illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, arthritis, kidney disease, and even most cancers. CHN educates, motivates and empowers employees to modify their bad health habits and to form a healthy lifestyle which can prevent chronic illnesses and reduce sick days, doctor visits, prescription costs and health costs to both the employee and the company.


The CHN Difference

  • Convenient: Onsite meetings and activities result in high participation rates
  • Face-to-face: Weekly, one-on-one sessions with a Health Coach enhance employee accountability and engagement
  • Return on investment: Health management programs are an investment, not just a cost. Current clients have experienced significant savings with lower claim costs
  • Experienced Health Coaches: CHN health coaches are health professionals. Our coaches include dietitians, nurses and exercise physiologists.
  • Privacy for employees: All participant information is confidential and never shared with employers or outside organizations

CHN Clients Recognized by the American Heart Association as a Start! Fit Friendly Company:

• City of Cartersville
• City of Kennesaw
• City of Smyrna

CHN Recognized


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