Saving Companies Money by Fostering Employee Wellness

What We Do

  • Reduce employee healthcare costs by providing comprehensive, cost effective programs and services for employees.
  • Provide a full array of cost effective programs and services designed to enable employees to effectively navigate their benefit plans.
  • Work one-on-one with employees to accomplish individual health goals and develop healthy lifelong lifestyle habits.
  • Help employees and their families live a healthier life through essential tools like face-to-face and web-based Health and Lifestyle Coaching.
  • Cultivate strong, trusting relationships, which facilitate healthy employee lifestyles and enhance your comapny’s vitality.

How We Do It

Our Products And Services

  • Customized Lifestyle Program Design
  • Population Health Management Programs
  • Health Evaluations
  • Onsite, One-On-One and Face-To-Face Coaching
  • Convenience Of Live, Video-Based Coaching
  • Health Education Seminars
  • Events and Competitions Tailored to Promote Company Health
  • Fitness and Nutrition Programs
  • Aggregate Individual and Monthly Coach Reports
  • Individual Data Portal with Imbedded Electronic Health/Medical Records System
  • Live, Video-Based Telemedicine Services
  • Immediate Access to Medical Providers
  • Live, Video-Based Chronic Disease Management
  • One-On-One Access to Your Coach
  • Data Management and Reporting System
  • Executive and Team Coaching
  • Patient Advocacy Services
  • Pharmacy Cost Management
  • Employee Incentive Program Design, Tracking and Administration
  • Health and Medical Monitoring Devices

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